Moist von Lipwig
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Невероятная, сакральная поэтичность и теплота N в описаниях чувств и мыслей персонажей, когда они признаются друг другу, что разделяют кинк на щекотку - это правда то, что достойно похвалы, то, что отличает её от кого бы то ни было.

Я так понимаю, пейринг Сириус/Римус и наоборот - вообще то, с чего она начинала, поэтому тут просто концентрат этой мечтательной нежности.

It was like a new discovery entirely. Like they were twelve again and Remus had finally turned the tables after being tortured by Sirius for months. Like they were sixteen again and in bed after their very first time and Remus decided that he prefered trailing his nails over Sirius’ ribs instead of his arm or back. It was like they were discovering each other all over again.
When Sirius giggled it was most likely an alien sound, despite the fact that Remus had heard it countless of times. Because now he knew what it meant when Sirius giggled like this. And when he smiled in return, they both knew what it meant for him to be smiling like this.
And when Sirius started laughing for real, it was as if the world had suddenly changed its course and they were both totally fine with it.

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